With the wet weather setting in our children have been enjoying some play in the puddles and rain. From dancing in the rain to the sploshing sound that can be heard as mud pies are emptied not so elegantly from their trays, our children can experience it all. No need to be worried about getting soggy or the dirt on their clothes, the children are let loose to engage in all different environments and encouraged to make discoveries no matter how messy.

Wet days and play in the rain have so many benefits to our children. Exploring and investigating their world that has now become increasingly slippery ups the ante on risk taking and pushes their physical abilities. Feet muscles need to be used to grip far harder than usual and that rock they climb on a dry day has now posed a new challenge.

Playing outside in the wet and rain teaches children to embrace change and learn to enjoy new experiences. I am always amazed at how the children’s eyes light up when they see our educators sloshing around in the mud and dancing in the rain. This simple act of an adult leading the way into wet play seems to give the children permission to dive right in, to get muddy, wet and have endless amounts of fun.

The next time you hear “I’m bored” come from a child on a rainy day, take the opportunity to get outside and see the wonder and mess that is learning.

Miss Kyra
Nature Warrior