Barefoot for optimal benefit.

With so many gorgeous little shoes out there now it’s incredibly tempting to have our children rock out a cute little pair of kicks each and every day but these gorgeous outfit additions can actually get in the way of development in toddlers and children.

Of course, there are some instances when shoes should be warn such as through city streets and on cold frosty days but by allowing children the benefit of barefoot play we can give them an optimal start to development and life. Barefoot walking, climbing and running is an important part of skeletal growth and leads to better bio-mechanics by allowing the child’s weight to be distributed evenly throughout the body. Our feet are a major contributor to the further growth and development of the skeletal system. When you think about it the healthier the feet the better they will carry your throughout life.

Feet are a wonderful tool in developing sensory input, there is nothing more satisfying that the feeling of mud rising between your toes, or the sensation on soft grass underfoot. Many children will use both their hands and feet to explore different sensations in their world.

With the weather starting to change naturally we want to keep our children’s little toes nice and snug but once again shoes can actually get in the way of optimal health. When humans walk with bare feet to the earth we actually absorb microbes that assist in our immune system, we are better connected to the earth which is directly connected to better health. It seems back to front doesn’t it, avoiding a cold (flu) actually has nothing to do with the cold. Little ones becoming snotty and sick is directly linked to their growing immune system and one of the best way to grow that immune system is to have bare feet where possible. This is not just true for children, it has been proven that adults also show health benefits when regularly barefoot.

So what are you waiting for? Kick off your shoes with your little one and head out for some major health benefits.

Miss Kyra
Nature Warrior