Thinking of our wildlife.

The Nature Play program covers so many different areas of learning and each on is as important as the other but this month I have noticed one emerging within many children that warms my heart. Conservation and care for country is something that is vitally important to me as an educator, a mum and a person. Our children are fortunate enough to be exposed to a range of different flora and fauna within our one of a kind yards. With this comes questions about our world and a natural want to protect it. Our children are a part of some amazing learning opportunities such as our Butterfly breeding and soon our Green tree frog program.

Unfortunately, last week there was a wallaby deceased on the side of the road on the way to the kindy. This was accompanied by some very concerned and upset children but presented a teachable moment. I explained the idea of limited space for the animals with the development of areas like ours and asked the children what we could do to live alongside the animals whilst lessening the effects on their environment. After all we have built our homes in the middle of the animal’s environment.

I was nothing short of astounded at some of the responses from our little people. Such a caring way of thinking is surely the way of the future. Some of the suggestions from the children were to not build more houses or share our homes. One response that stood out to me was building environmentally friendly houses with lots of trees and grassy areas that kangaroos, and other wildlife could manoeuvre between properties like their own roads. One child even suggested a bridge just for wildlife to cross the road without getting hit by a vehicle.

Our children are the future care takers of our planet and in a world of uncertainty I hold comfort knowing it is children like these that will grow such a passion for our flora and fauna through our Nature Play program. They will question, investigate and find solutions because here at Kids World we encourage the growth of independent and passionate children.

I ask that you have a conversation with your child about what you can do as a family to protect our unique wildlife, encourage and support this love of nature and grow together.


Miss Kyra
Nature Warrior