Belonging and the butterfly garden.

Today I enjoyed some one on one learning with David in the butterfly garden. David has shown great interest in the butterfly garden so when we were fortunate enough to receive a Richmond Bird wing Butterfly Vine from The River Keepers I decided this would be a great opportunity for one of our newest arrivals to make his mark on our butterfly garden. David was enthusiastic and happily joined me in digging a hole and even reminded me to be careful where I put my feet so I didn't squash any caterpillars. We chatted as we were getting the garden ready and when a prospective parent walked through while touring our yards David excitedly told her and Miss Jenny all about the vine and the butterflies we are trying to attract to our garden. 

The butterfly garden is a simple project that has great value, children and adults love to stop and have a look at the Monarch caterpillars and count how many we have from week to week. By planting our new addition with David I hope to help him have a greater sense of belonging, become more aware of his ability to help his environment and develop a life long love of learning. 

I would also like to acknowledge the River Keepers of Country Paradise Parklands for kindly giving us the vine to add to our butterfly gardens, it is community connections like these that have helped our Nature Play program grow and continue to evolve. 

Miss Kyra
Nature Warrior