A year past.

As 2018 comes to an end and 2019 brings promise of new beginnings and growth, I can’t help but smile with a warm sense of wonder and accomplishment. This has been our first year of my new role as “Nature Warrior” with more in-depth focus on Nature Play and building relationships with our environment. Whilst there have been considerable challenges there has also been phenomenal success.

Each and everyone of our educators have committed to embedding nature play in our service. I have witnessed educators overcome fears and challenges purely because they want the children to be confident and resilient learners. Each and every time I am overwhelmed with a sense of admiration for our educators showing their courage and commitment to the children.

The growth in the children has proven to me that Nature Play has benefits far beyond what I expected and should have a greater place in education all the way from early childhood to Tertiary education. Not only have I seen the children become more resilient, cooperative, responsive, engaged and independent I have seen their faces light up with each new discovery and the experiences within our Nature Play program.

My aim to create experiences of wonder and exploration in nature has continued to grow through input from the children, families and community. With this continued input I am excited to be a part of and watch the Nature Play program evolve throughout next year.

This year my most enjoyable moments have been being a part in a child’s wonder, not leading their play or directing them but allowing them to take me along for the journey. To become immersed in the wonder of the natural world with a child allows me the peace, happiness, accomplishment and love of life that I hold so dearly. Its about building relationships with each other and our planet and to realise our contentedness to each other.

With a new year beginning and the support of my peers we will continue to grow in the education of our students, learning from each other and from our environment.

Miss Kyra
Nature Warrior